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Phil is an experienced information technology professional, with great communications skills and a passion for teaching others. He has a First Class honours degree in Engineering and for the past 28 years has worked within IT in the financial sector.

He really enjoys tutoring, particularly figuring out how each individual student learns and tailoring his tuition appropriately.  He loves to teach in an interactive way, relating topics to real life examples.

Phil is very thorough and ensures that students are fully prepared for their exams by ensuring all aspects of the specification are covered and giving the student time to comprehensively cover past exam papers to help them fully understand and prepare for the material which they will face in the exams.

Phil offers Chemistry and Biology tuition up to GCSE standard and Physics tuition up to A Level standard. 




Benjamin has worked as a secondary school science teacher for six years and is continuing educational research by working on a PhD at the University of Cambridge. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at UCL, then trained to become a chemistry teacher at the University of Cambridge. He then began his research into supporting students with learning needs and language disadvantage in the science classroom. 

As a tutor, Benjamin provides a combination of exceptional academic knowledge with a deep understanding of the psychology of learning. He has a proven track record in inspiring students to exceed the predictions placed on their performance and, importantly, their own perceptions of their abilities. Learning is sequential, and so he ensures that his students have a secure understanding at every stage, enabling them to make progress with confidence. 

Benjamin is passionate about enabling children to achieve their potential and become the very best they can be. This is often seen as getting the best grades they can. Whilst he helps them to achieve this, he also helps students to be a confident, independent learners, well equipped to succeed in whatever lies ahead.

Benjamin offers Physics tuition up to GCSE standard and Chemistry and Biology tuition up to A Level standard. 




Gwenda is an experienced Chemistry tutor and examiner. She has an Honours degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. She has worked in academic research and after 14 years working as a scientific editor, she became self-employed and has since published a book on plants and their chemistry and uses and has also worked on a range of chemistry-related publishing and education projects. She gives talks about chemistry relating to plants to groups in the Cambridge area. Gwenda is a chartered chemist and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Gwenda works with the opinion that "Chemistry is fun! But it can also be daunting". She wants to help her tutees get the most out of their opportunity to study the subject and inspire them to want to know more. Specifically, by discussion she will help identify any problem areas and together with the student will get to grips with them together, working at the tutee's pace. She aims to enhance the student's knowledge and understanding of Chemistry and increase their confidence to allow them to tackle their exams to the best of their ability.

Gwenda offers Chemistry tuition up to A Level standard. 




Lisa has always had a passion for problem solving, logic puzzles and science. She studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for her A levels and then went on to gain a joint honours BSc in Biochemistry and Physics and a PhD in Biophysics.

Following a number of years enjoying travelling to different countries for various scientific research posts, Lisa settled in Cambridge and spent a number of years working as a commercial analyst. Lisa then moved on to teaching and has spent the last 10 years delivering a number of different courses in Maths (A level, FSMQ and GCSE) and Physics (GCSE) in both a class room setting and one to one. Lisa finds teaching extremely rewarding, particularly when her students improve and develop their understanding. Lisa has a track record in helping students to reach their full potential through playing an integral part in encouraging and supporting students in their studies. Lisa is very clam and patient in nature, allowing her students to quickly feel at ease, able to ask questions and fully engage in lessons.

Lisa offers Chemistry and Physics tuition up to GCSE standard. 



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Jahan is an enthusiastic and engaging tutor.  He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge with a pre-clinical degree in medicine.  He has experience in tutoring Key Stage 2 to A Level Maths as well as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  He also has experience in teaching adults.

Jahan not only wants students to achieve their best grades possible but also wants them to develop an understanding beyond the curriculum to foster a genuine interest in the subject and to better prepare them for future studies.

Jahan offers Physics, Chemistry and Biology tuition up to GCSE standard.

If you are interested in becoming a Cambridge Science Tuition tutor, please email us.