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Phil is an experienced information technology professional, with great communications skills and a passion for teaching others. He has a First Class honours degree in Engineering and has worked within IT in the financial sector.

He really enjoys tutoring, particularly figuring out how each individual student learns and tailoring his tuition appropriately.  He loves to teach in an interactive way, relating topics to real life examples.

Phil is very thorough and ensures that students are fully prepared for their exams by ensuring all aspects of the specification are covered and giving the student time to comprehensively cover past exam papers to help them fully understand and prepare for the material which they will face in the exams.

Phil offers Chemistry and Biology tuition up to GCSE standard and Physics tuition up to A Level standard. 




Gwenda is an experienced Chemistry tutor and examiner. She has an Honours degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh. She has worked in academic research and after 14 years working as a scientific editor, she became self-employed and has since published a book on plants and their chemistry and uses and has also worked on a range of chemistry-related publishing and education projects. She gives talks about chemistry relating to plants to groups in the Cambridge area. Gwenda is a chartered chemist and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Gwenda works with the opinion that "Chemistry is fun! But it can also be daunting". She wants to help her tutees get the most out of their opportunity to study the subject and inspire them to want to know more. Specifically, by discussion she will help identify any problem areas and together with the student will get to grips with them together, working at the tutee's pace. She aims to enhance the student's knowledge and understanding of Chemistry and increase their confidence to allow them to tackle their exams to the best of their ability.

Gwenda offers Chemistry tuition up to A Level standard. 




Lisa has always had a passion for problem solving, logic puzzles and science. She studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for her A levels and then went on to gain a joint honours BSc in Biochemistry and Physics and a PhD in Biophysics.

Following a number of years enjoying travelling to different countries for various scientific research posts, Lisa settled in Cambridge and spent a number of years working as a commercial analyst. Lisa then moved on to teaching and has spent the last 10 years delivering a number of different courses in Maths (A level, FSMQ and GCSE) and Physics (GCSE) in both a class room setting and one to one. Lisa finds teaching extremely rewarding, particularly when her students improve and develop their understanding. Lisa has a track record in helping students to reach their full potential through playing an integral part in encouraging and supporting students in their studies. Lisa is very clam and patient in nature, allowing her students to quickly feel at ease, able to ask questions and fully engage in lessons.

Lisa offers Chemistry and Physics tuition up to GCSE standard. 



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Paul took a degree in physics and chemistry (joint honours) at Nottingham because he couldn't decide between them, then moved to Cambridge for a PhD in polymer science.  He moved to London to experience working in finance in an overcrowded, busy, diverse city, then decided that settling in Cambridge was a better choice,


Paul has twenty years of experience of teaching in colleges, tutoring one-to-one, delivering revision courses to prepare students for their upcoming exams, teaching international students at Summer schools, marking physics papers and growing chillies.  He likes cookery, bridge and crosswords.  His outlook on science is that understanding really thoroughly means you have to remember far less, and equips you to deal with unfamiliar questions, problems and situations far better than memorising vast screeds of text does.  It is also important for students to know some facts about the world in which they live, and the subjects they are studying.  You never know when knowledge might come in useful!



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Stella has 6 years of tutoring and classroom teaching experience globally (UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, and Romania).  


She achieved Grade 9 in IGCSE Biology and Chemistry, and Grade A in A-Level Maths, Biology, and Chemistry. She then went on to attain a double degree in Education and Science, graduated with a First Class Honours and seven Dean’s Honour Lists (Top 10% of cohort). She further read an MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge, followed by a PGCE in Science at the University of Oxford.  


Stella deems that every student has the potential to master Maths and Science if they acquire the skills to crack the questions efficiently on behalf of their knowledge. 

Stella offers Chemistry tuition up to GCSE standard and Biology tuition up to A Level and undergraduate standard. 




Kirill is a penultimate year student at Oxford, where he achieved First Class Honours in the first year exams for his Economics and Management degree. He is highly experienced at engaging individual students, having tutored well over 300 hours of GCSE Maths, Science and the humanities since June 2020. 

Kirill finished school with 6A* at A Level and 13A*/9 at GCSE, winning prizes in Further Mathematics and debating, and scoring 100% in History Coursework. He believes many students underperform in exams due to poor technique, not revising effectively or giving unstructured or unfocused responses. Luckily, this does not take years to fix! Combining knowledge of core concepts with an understanding of how subjects are marked is the secret to success, and Kirill offers rigorous preparation for students who need to raise their grades.

Both a national public speaking champion and primary school volunteer, Kirill has years of experience engaging people of all ages. He also works with university applicants on personal statements, BMAT/TSA preparation, and Oxbridge Interviews.


Kirill offers tuition in Chemistry, Physics and Biology to GCSE standard.  He also offers maths tuition (click here to visit Cambridge Maths Tuition) and tuition in English Language/Literature, History and Philosophy.




Benjamin is a highly experienced Education Professional.  Cambridge Science Tuition has partnered with him to offer a Premium Tuition Service in sciences.  

Click here to find out more about the Premium Tuition Service.

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